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About Us

1. Creation of Textbook Society

Karnataka Text Book Society ® came into existence on 01.04.2006 in accordance with the provisions of the Government order No. ED 95 DGO 2005, Bangalore Dt.04/01/2006 promulgated to form an umbrella body in the context of all Government approved school textbooks preparation, printing and distribution activities. This is in accordance with the recommendations of Dr. K.P. Surendranath Committee to have an autonomous body in the form of Society. The society was registered under the Societies Registration Act 1966 on 12.05.2006.

So the society functions as per the directives of its Governing Council and the Executive Committee. This has facilitated quick decision taking and more efficient distribution of both free and sale textbooks.

2. Towards new curricular policy-New Textbooks

As a result of unimaginable advancement in the field of knowledge, especially in science and technology and aspiration of the people all over the world, it has become imperative that changes for the better in the field of education have become indispensable. So the Government of Karnataka came up with a specific curricular policy based on the guidelines of NCF 2005 and KCF 2007. The textbooks are based

on new features like connecting knowledge to life activities, learning to shift from the joy of learning, enriching the curriculum beyond textbooks, softening of subject boundaries-integrated knowledge and knowledge is to be developed by the child. The preparation of new textbooks has been a multi level exercise. Textbooks are prepared in 12 languages. After the preparation of textbooks, the language textbooks and Kannada and English medium core subject texts are sent to DIETs and CTEs of Karnataka for feedback. And these textbooks are reviewed by the committee formed by DSERT to look into the congruence of textbooks with the 2005 National Curriculum Framework Guidelines. Finally the state Editorial Board comprising eminent scholars appointed by the Government of Karnataka study these textbooks and make necessary changes and give valuable suggestions.

3. Wide coverage ….

The Society is also responsible for printing and distribution of textbooks prepared based on the state syllabi for nearly 100 lakh children of classes 1 to 10 in Government, Aided and Unaided schools of Karnataka. The textbooks are printed under 2 categories namely free and sale. All free books were meant for the students of Government schools of classes1 to 10th. The textbooks are prepared in 12 languages and 7 media. The total number of titles is 368.

4. Extended Activity

The Sarva Shikshana Abhiyana, Karnataka (SSA) sponsors free supply of books to all classes from 1 to 8th of Aided schools of the state. From the year 2011-12 Government introduced the scheme of distributing free text books to the students of aided schools class of IX & X.

The tender is floated for issuing printing orders for printing Pre University language, Science and Maths Text Books of P.U. Department also. Under the SSA Scheme, printing of Teachers Source Books and Work Book to the Class V and VIII are also undertaken.

5. Transparency in procurement

Standard procedures are adopted in Procurement of such textbooks. The Society follows the prevalent “Karnataka Transparency In Public Procurement Act” (the KTPP Act) and floats tender to print and distribute those text books to all 34 districts, all 204 blocks of Karnataka. The Eligible printers bid their rates. Tenders are on a national basis.

The Society identifies the eligible printers from among the bidders on the basis of capabilities and rates quoted by them, in a transparent manner, truly in the spirit of norms laid down by the Government through the “Karnataka Transparency In Public Procurement Act”.

6. Effective distribution mechanism and reach out to the child

Normally, procedures pertaining to the textbooks meant for the coming academic year are initiated in the previous financial year.

Prior to placing orders , the Society obtains statistics of the requirement of textbooks for the students of 1 to 10th classes belonging to Government schools, Aided schools and Unaided schools separately from the 204 Block Educational Officers through the 34 DDPI’s of the districts, according to which the text books are printed and distributed to blocks directly. BEOs are responsible for the distribution of books from blocks to the schools.